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Advatnages and Benefits of Mineral Make-Up

Natural Effect: Wellness Sensation

The first advantage you get when you switch from a traditional fluid foundation cream to a mineral powder is a sensorial impression: a sensation of liberty and lightness. No more greasy coverage and heavy sensation not even stains or unsightly color spots at the end of the day. Mineral foundation is impalpable, it does not make you feel uncomfortable not even after many hours on the skin, and it does not smell. Because of its silkiness it allows your skin to breath, and even sweat without altering the make-up.

Long Duration

Our mineral make-up lasts a long time and it does not need any adjustment all day long. It resists sweating and rain.

Costumizing Coverage

A particularly appreciated quality of the mioneral foundation cream is to supply a light, medium or strong coverage simply by using a different application tecninque, without ever getting a “greasepaint effect”.

Suitable for Skin with Acne

Mineral make-up is particularly useful in casess of acne, since it allow the skin to breathe, it does not cloge the pores and what is more it contains the mineral zinc oxide, which has recognized soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It does not contain irritating substances, which could worsen the acne wounds. The fact that it is preservative free means it does not allow the proliferation of bacteria.


Mineral make-up does not contain ingredients that could clog the skin pores, so it does not foster the appearance of comedons.

Ideal for Greasy Skin

The natural powders absorb the exceeding sebum in a natural manner, avoiding the oily and lucid apperenace sometimes caused or intensified by the fluid foundation cream use.

Selection for Sensitive Skin

The mineral make up is the simplest, most natural, non-reacting form of existing cosmetics. It does not contain potentially irritating ingredients such as alcohol, perfumes, or preservatives.

Suitable for Mature Skin

Our make-up does not dry the skin and it does not leave sediment in wrinkles. Moreover it is formulated to take advantage of the light diffusion properties and create optical effects able to reduce or lessen a wrinkled appearance.

Suitable for Dry Skin

Our make-up does not dry the skin. Yet, empoying a moisturizing cream is always suggested before using mineral make-up, even more so if you are prone to dry skin.

Contains Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Zinc oxide, almost omnipresent in our whole mineral selection, has recognized anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. Also it alleviates blushing and skin irritations. In many countries mineral make-up is used in cases of plastic surgery or dermatalogial cases.

Contains Photoprotective Action Ingredients

Our make up contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both ingredients provide protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


All the colors and all the powders can be mixed together to create many different mixtures and color nuances. Mineral powders can also be added to lipstick and nail polish.


Many women say using mineral make-up has woken up their artistic side. Using free powders encourages their ability to create perfectly mixed combinations. The possibility of a wet or creamy application also encourages the creation of new nuances, shades, and uses.