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Mineral make-up: What it is?

Mineral make-up is the simplest, most natural make-up one can put on their skin.

Having removed all other ingredients, the make-up consists of pigments and natural matrixes that are skillfully mingled in their most precious and purest forms to create colored make up powders with particular optical properties such as reflection and diffusion of light. Almost all the minerals composing our make-up have a special effect in the light: some of them reflect it all in order to generate good coverage; some absorb certain frequencies and give off other ones creating a bright, polychrome effect.

This is the simplest and most natural make-up ever. The essentials are the trick for our make-up.

Why Minerals?

They are simple inorganic particles used for years as beautifying elements or skin colorings. They were used also to protect and purify the skin. They offer brilliance, coverage, color, and protection.

They are:

  • Mica
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Kaolin
  • Clay
  • Iron Oxide
  • Ultramarines

Here below are some images of one the most important raw materials from which we extract our cosmetics:


A safe mineral make-up makes the difference in revealing the skin’s brightness. A healthy skin covered with petrolatum, colorants, synthetic preservatives, paraben or synthesized perfumes, binders, and chemical fillers cannot breathe and can become irritated as pores can be obstructed. Those non- natural substances can also provoke allergies on sensitive skin.

Many dermatologists recommend using mineral make-up due to the fact that these ingredients not present. Therefore, it does not irritate the skin or worsen skin prone to acne.

Moreover, our mineral make up lasts longer. It is not subject to bacteria attacks since it does not contain any substance which could allow microbe growth. Above all, it does not contain water. Hence there is no need of any additional preservatives, and this simple fact is extraordinary in ensuring healthy skin. Indeed, we have to consider that the majority of available cosmetics contain preservatives that are essentially chemical elements and as such, aggressive on the skin.

Moreover, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide offer natural protection from the UV rays by acting as sun-sun screening filters.

Mineral make up and mineral make up

One can certainly find in the cosmetics world make-up sold as “mineral make-up”. In actual fact they can contain silicones, preservatives, and other synthetic ingredients, in addition to mineral ingredients. We are not referring to this kind of product when we talk about how beneficial and valid mineral make-up can be. Those kinds of formulations betray the traditional ones and in so doing lose the importance of mineral make-up.

Mineral make up and traditional make up

What makes mineral make-up different from traditional make-up is manifest in those ingredients present in it, rather from those not present. Traditional cosmetic production lavishes itself in the endless search for new performing textures by using silicones, petrolatums, complex synthetized molecules, and an unutterable series of ingredients including non-natural colorants, preservatives - in addition to minerals for coloring, coverage and solar protection. Whereas in real mineral cosmetics production only minerals and natural pigments are used such as: pulverized mica, kaolin, clay, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide. In order to color them we use iron oxides and a few other natural, inorganic pigments. Just this and nothing else. Look at how short our ingredient list is! And, believe us, the result is amazing! Even coverage, luminous and natural - little or nothing to do with traditional make up! Furthermore, we can suggest that some of our eye shadows have a tone and a three-dimensional effect of incomparable beauty.

Many people are skeptical of the synthetic and technological approach of cosmetic companies, since they rightly understand that the major cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries have a strong underlying interest to expand marketshare. So to expand they have to continuously put on the market new formulations by trying to create new needs; hence feeding their own dreams of beauty, perfection and youth. But not all the promises are honored all the time. Sometimes some panaceas can cause swollen eyes and bad irritation to the skin!

A big difference, which reflects a vision of the concept of beauty radically different form the others.