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Which cosmetics meet the norms of FinisTerre cosmetics?

FinisTerre cosmetics are produced with respect to the most up to date European rules on the subject: Code CE 1223/2009. In order to be introduced in the market they have been communicated to the European Committee throughout CPNP and supplied with the technical, analytical antoxicological documentation previwed by the European legislation (Product Information File)

Do the FinisTerre cosmetics contain Nanomaterials?

No, absolutely not. Each raw material is selected following several parameters: first of which is the particle size. Every single raw material is selected based on the maximum quality and pureness, as well as the vendors and producers reliability.

Do you have small-size or samples of the products?

We are sorry, but we do not. Each product is available in 2, 5 and 8 gram packages, according to the kind of product.

Phibest or Runa foundation cream?

The difference between the two product lines is that while “Phibest” is a whole-mineral composition (mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, ultramarines), the “Runa” contains also refined powders, vegetal extracts (rice, oat, amaranta, tepexchouite) and vegetal magnesium steteate.

I cannot decide among the foundation cream colors. Any suggestions?

Here and below you can find some basic criteria to follow to choose the foundation cream that best fits your skin.

The Phibest and Runa foundation cream are natural and correspond to the different shades for tones and undertones. There are no extreme or ostentatious nuances.

The “fair” tone is meant for light skin, porcelain looking. The “light” tone is light, suitable for light skinned individuals during winter. The “medium” tone is also quite light compared to the other foundation cream of the same tone. The “tan” tone is ideal for darker skin and for the lighter toned individuals, but just during summer.

Concerning the choice of the undertone we suggest you pick the “neutral”.

What if I chose and purchase the wrong foundation cream tone for my skin?

Get in touch with us, we will find a suitable solution for you.

Why should I use mineral make up instead of the traditional make-up, taking into consideration that it is also easier to use since it is fluid?

HERE you can find some good reasons. Moreover it is fair to remind you that mineral make-up is the easiest and most natural make-up existing (if formulated following certain rules). As a free powder it is more compact and making it more fluid would mean adding other ingredients and so succumbing to the use of synthetic molecules, silicons and preservatives in order to grant spreadability and duration.