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Multiple Uses of Mineral Make-Up

Our mineral powders can be employed as is (powder) or they can be damped with a little water, or even mixed together with a cream to create a foundation cream for eyeshadow. Each powder can be mixed with the other, according to your fantasy, creating the shades you like most. They can also be added to lipstick or nail polish. Mineral make-up must be employed with specific brushes.

How to Choose Mineral Make-up

Select a foundation cream perfect for you

The choice of a foundation cream is fundamental for a perfect make-over. We should try and achieve a uniform color in order to hide flaws and imperfections. However, he final effect has to be natural, very close to the natural color of your skin.

For a good foundation cream choice, it is important to know the tone and the undertone of your skin: two different things that have to be evaluated together.

The tone is the intensity of one’s skin color, which could be soft, medium, dark. It changes with the different seasons, as when we get tanned, and considering our health and age.

The undertone is the basic shade of our skin, which is always the same.

The undertone of our skin can be:

cool – (pink undertone)

Generally light hair women with light skin tone who could be easily burnt tend to have a cool undertone and so a pinkish color.

warm – (yellow/golden undertone)

The warm undertone, such as yellow/golden color, generally belongs to dark hair women with dark skin which gives them a beige skin tone, often olive-colored.

neutral – (neutral undertone)

The neutral undertone is a middle way between the other two. Generally it belongs to brown hair women, Among neutral skin undertones there could be a slight predominance of the pink color or the yellow/golden one.

In order to know if your basic undertone is pink or yellow, it could be useful to observe your blood vessels on your wirst: if they tend to be a green color, this means that the undertone is warm, whereas if they tend towards blue, the undertone is cool.

Another way to test is also to evaluate your tendency to turn red based on temperature leaps. Those who turn red more easily have a pink undertone.

HERE you can find the foundation cream table together with tones and undertones. It will help on the selection of the right product.

How to Employ the Mineral Foundation 

Step 1

Any make-over works best if the skin is clean and hydrated. Wash and hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream. Wait until it is completely absorbed. If your skin has a tendency to become greasy, please use a primer first.

Step 2

Use a good quality kabuki brush or an appropriate brush for mineral powder foundation cream. This is a circular section brush with dense hair and it will allow better spreading and coverage. A Kubaki flat brush (with flat hair, not dome-shaped) is perfect. Open the rotating sifter of the jar and pour a little powder on to the jar cap. Dip it in the foundation cream, shake if needed in order to get rid of the powder in excess. Employ a little part of the powder on the skin with small rotation movemnets, starting from the forehead. If you want a perfect application you should follow these instrusctions: employ the foundation cream beforehand, on one side of the face and then on the other one, picking up small quantities of the powder from the jar cap. Avoid using too much powder for each pass. If you want to obtain a more complete effect, pass an addiional small quantity of the foundation cream on your skin.

Step 3

The finishing powders make the foundation cream last longer, moreover they help in getting the final effect you desire: opaque, semi-opaque, or bright.

Using Mineral Foundation Crema as a Concealer

The FinisTerre mineral foundation cream could also be used as a concealer, to hide spots and skin flushes. Pick small amount of the foundation cream and apply it in layers with a small brush on the area to be treated. Apply further layers until you achieve the desired coverage.

How to Apply Face Powder and Illuminate

After having employed the foundation cream and the blush, pick a small quantity of finishing powder by pouring some on the jar cap. Use the dedicated face powder brush, large-headed and soft, and spread out a thin layer of face powder or illuminate on your face.

How to Apply Mineral Eyeshadow

Applying a primer, foundation cream, or concealer on the eyelid before using the eyeshaodw is recommended. This way you can avoid the powder fluttering off during the application, resulting in a more intense and long-lasting color of the eyeshadow.

Lift the dispenser latch and pour a small amount of eyeshadow on the jar cap. Pick a bit of powder with an eyeshadow brush and beat on the cap border to get rid of the excess powder. Tap onto the eyelid.

Mineral eyeshadow can be applied wet by damping the brush and using a small quantity of powder. According to the technique used (with or without primer, wet application), the brightness and the color of the eyeshadow will change. The wet application will make the eyeshadow particularly intese and will highlight the metallic reflections in the pwder, and will resultin a better covering.

Using Mineral Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

With the wet eyeshadow technique, but using an eyeliner brush, trace a thin line on the eyelid. With the eyeshadows of your collection you will be able to create several eyeliner nuances.