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Mineral ADD

Mineral ADD


Our Mineral ADD make-up is enriched with selectioned organic ingredients extracted from plants such as rice, oat, maranta and tepezcohiute. These are simple ingredients for the skin that confer a greater silkiness to the pigments.

Sativum Oat Kernel Flour

The colloidal oat has a long tradition in dermatologic use. It is a natural product, which has not subjected to any chemical treatment. Oats have turned out to be very effective with several skin irritation problems such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes caused by drugs and other situations. Many scientific studies attest to it’s antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory characteristics.[1]

Sativum Oryza Starch

Extremely thin powder obtained from whole rice root stocks. It has smoothing, absorbing, matteing and soothing features for the skin.

Maranta Arundinacea Root Extract

Extremely fine powder obtained from Maranta arundinacea root stocks, also called arrowroot. It has absorbing, silking and soothing features.

Mimosa tenuiflora (Tepezcohuite) Bark Extract

The Mimosa tneuiflora bark is a popular Mexican remedy used by Mayans to cure skin lesions. This plant was called by the locals Tepezcohuite, which means skin tree. Its extraordinary reinvigorating features have been used recently during natural catastrophes in Mexico City when drugs where scare. Due to the scarcity of drugs, too many injured people and poverty, the authorities obtained the powder from the Tepezcohuite bark for therapeutic use. The results were recognized as miraculous on the wounds and burns: huge pain decrease, fast regeneration of the burnt skin, quick wound healing.

Those features have been then recognized by the international scientific community. The Tepezcohuite powder has bactericidal power, a specific action on skin fibroblasts and effectively supports epithelialization and healing of injuries.[2]

Reference to some studies on the substance:

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